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I am the greatest jobs President ever created! I’ve made so many jobs because I’m the best job maker. My biggest job is taking your stress! I’m so proud of this job. Why? Stress is afraid of me! It fears me! Yes. Yes!!! Just take my "stress" balls. My "stress" balls are so big. So big they’ll ‘round up all your stress. Look at all that frightened stress. I’ll lock it deep inside and deport it back to the dusty hills from where it crawled. Let me show you how. It’s easy. My IQ is one of the highest - and you all know it. Don’t feel stupid or insecure. It’s not your fault. I’ll teach you. Wrap your long fingers around my head. Don’t mess up my hair. Squeeze. Squeeze…Squeeze!!! IVANKA! I mean, Eureka!! Vote to be stress-free in 2020! You know it! Everybody knows it!


  • ✅ TACTILE REJUVENATION – POTUS Squishies can be a great stress reliever, just ask Melania who loves these and has one on her desk and another sitting next to their bed. They can also help with focus, concentration, and relaxation.
  • ✅ MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – Great as a premium gift for birthdays, gag gift, white elephant, political aficionado, toys for your kids, office stress reliever, teaching aid, and cultural awareness tool. The Trump Squishy is a fantastic gift for kids, teens, and even adults!
  • ✅ SCENTED MEMORY FOAM – This mild vanilla scented foam is fun to squeeze.. Give Trumps head a squeeze and watch it go back to its original form in seconds.
  • ✅ DETAILED COLORs – This set includes the detailed Trump stress ball on Amazon.
  • ✅ SIZE & MATERIAL MATTER – This slow rising dough squishy will fit perfectly in an adults hand (even if you have small hands). Not too large, not too small. 5” x 3.25“ x 3”. SAFE & Non-Toxic. Totally safe for kids and adults alike. Environmentally friendly elastic PU (Polyurethane). Our Trump stress balls have a delightfully pleasant vanilla smell
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