Green Dancer Light Up Shirt



Product Details

A shadowing impulse of green dancers await you. 

This sound responsive t-shirt showcases a brightly design featuring mini brightly lit orbs in the form of two arrows perpetually trying to connect and make point through a circle that is brightly illuminated and fun to wear.

As the music plays the arrows start and restart in tune with the bass of the song the T-Qualizer surrounds.   

The T-Qualizer Arrows is actually an equalizer t-shirt featuring a super thin, flexible electroluminescent (EL) panel. The panel is synced to a sound sensor and when sound or music are present the shirt will flash and illuminate like your stereo equalizer. There is a sound sensitivity control so that you can adjust the volume sensitivity for everything from room conversations to a full out rock concert ! Our shirt will impress friends or strangers and make them notice you and your new Arrows shirt.



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