LED Auto-Powered Fidget Hand Spinner

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Product Details

Does your little one desperately want a fidget spinner but you're afraid of letting him have one due to the latest reports of them coming apart and becoming a potential choking hazard? Worry no more. We have a spinner made exclusively with little ones in mind. This FlashFidget is constructed of sonic welded plastic that prevents the little round components from detaching and becoming a choking hazard all while not looking like a "baby" toy. It includes the same design and functionality of spinners seen everywhere-just a lot safer for those still wanting to put everything in their mouths. A total win-win! Your little man gets to spin like his big sister and you have peace of mind knowing you are putting a safe toy into his hands!
  • Auto Turn On & Off - Only illuminates when "spinning" to save battery life
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Flick And Spin For Hours With Just One Or Both Hands.
  • Easy to carry,small,simple,discrete and Fun
  • Designed for finger comfort and optimal spinning.
  • Durable with ABS Frame with Rounded Edge - No Detachable Parts
  • Four Color LEDs (Red , Green, Yellow and Blue )

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