Diamond Fidget Spinner

$5.99 $9.99

Ruby Red
Sky Blue
Glistening Green
Passion Pink

Product Details

Fidget spinners are popping up everywhere from classrooms to executive board rooms. Stand out from the crowd and BE unique, and shine on with this multifaceted Limited Edition Diamond Fidget Spinner.  And, like a real diamond,  this spinner displays a beautiful iridescence and almost seems to change colors as you change the angle and surrounding light.  Although it is available in four colors,  the true colors you get to enjoy from it have yet to be seen.

  • Spins for over 90 seconds!
  • Reflective Diamond surface
  • Shimmers and reflects with different hues under various light conditions
  • Made of high impact ABS material
  • Original Flashwear design
  • Safe, lightweight and waterproof
  • Sizing Chart

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