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Camo Fidget Spinner

$5.99 $9.99

Camo Orange
Camo Army
Camo Blue

Product Details

Are you the outdoorsy type or never leave your bedroom? Does the thought of hiking through the woods exhilarate you and thrill your senses or terrify you to the core? Whether you're an adventurer or an adventurer wanna be, no one will know the difference when you're spinning the Camo Spinner. These multi-colored, smooth spinners come in a multitude of colors to satisfy your inner explorer. From Traditional Green Camo to Vibrant Ocean Blue and many shades in between, there is a palate to please you and make you stand out from the crowd, or does the Camo make you blend in? Only you can decide that.

  • Spins for over 2 minutes
  • Made of high impact resistant ceramic resin
  • Comes in many great Camo colors
  • High quality SLA technology,laser industrial molding technology,resin materials
  • New and Unique design

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